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                  Zhongrui can provide a full set of customized heating system according to your needs
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                  Shanghai Zhongrui Alloy Materials Co., Ltd., established in 2001, is located in Malu Industrial Park, Jiading District, Shanghai. 

                  We are a professional manufacturer of international advanced electric resistance alloy materials, high-end electric heating elements and global high-quality service provider of electric heating element solutions.

                  In the long-term cooperation with the Swedish company, the advanced manufacturing and testing equipment is used to give full play to the quality advantages of Kanthal electrothermal alloy materials. Providing all-round advanced electrothermal alloy materials, precision resistance alloy materials; metal electric heating elements for industrial furnaces , Radiant electric heaters and electric heating elements for industrial equipment of any specification.

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                  Advanced materials, advanced design, exquisite manufacturing, high-quality products, complete specifications, and honest service




                  No. 1395, Lixue Road, Madong Industrial Park, Jiading District, Shanghai
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